One-shot: Duplicity

Story: Duplicity

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Category: True Blood-  Genre: Romance

Author: alh1971

Last updated: 12/21/2014

Words: 1208

Rating: M

Summary:  It’s Christmas Eve, and “Santa” pays an unsuspecting Sookie a visit. One-shot, AU. NOTE: Heavily edited, see FictionPad for full version.



AN: Seasons greetings from the Big D, y’all…For those of you who care, well, I got a new job (full-time), had health issues, and my 74-year mother was seriously ill and had a prolonged period of hospitalization and rehab, amongst other things. Also, I took a break from SVM/TB (reading and writing) because, to be honest, I couldn’t stand TB Sookie when she hooked up with Bill again. The ending of TB didn’t help, either. Because of that, I couldn’t get into her head and had to step back from the fandom for a while. I plan on completing my WIPs, it’s just the updates will be sporadic until the muse is fully back on board. Sorry!

But, as a consolation, I bring you…holiday PWP (The gift that keeps on giving).

FYI, for the purpose of this story, Sookie never rescinded Eric’s invitation. And no romantic entanglement with Alcide. Duh.

WARNING: it involves light BDSM and what can be considered non-con, so consider yourself warned. Don’t read if such content offends.



Sookie had waited up for Bill as long as she could, but finally gave up and went to bed, too sleepy to continue holding out. It was strange and uncharacteristic of him not to call her to let her know he was running late or not coming, especially since it was Christmas Eve and they had made plans. She called and checked next door, but there had been no answer. Jessica also told her she had not communicated with him for a couple of days.

If Sookie hadn’t heard from him by tomorrow night, she’d get worried. But at this moment, right or wrong, she just felt…irked.

She had just started to nod off when she felt the mattress dip and the bed linens slowly slide down her body.

Humming her approval, she whispered sleepily, “You came…what happened?” She tried to lift her head and roll over, but firm hands against the back of her neck and ass kept her head turned and stomach pressed into the bed.

“Shh,” came a low, masculine tone.

She pouted, “But I want to hold you.”

Instead of a response, her nightie was pulled up around her waist and panties were edged down her legs.

A tongue began licking the seam where her ass met her thighs and she wriggled approvingly.

“Mmm, Bill, that feels good,” she hummed.

The oral attention froze momentarily but then redoubled its assault, this time with small, mildly stinging nips interspersed with frenzied licks.

Sookie soon found herself wide awake and quivering with arousal. She tried to roll over again but a low growl and pressure on her lower back kept her immobile. Suddenly, the hand was removed and silken fabric was quickly wrapped around her eyes. She smirked approvingly. “Oh, so that’s the game tonight?” she purred.

“Mmm hmm,” came the low voice.

“Ok, Santa. I’ve been a naughty girl this year, so I think you might need to punish me a little bit,” she teased.

The responding predatory growl sent a shiver of goose bumps across her body. A large hand obligingly gave her bare ass cheek a light spank.

“Oooh, Santa,” she moaned.

The hand came down again, once again gently stinging the opposite side.

She trembled as hands spread her cheeks and a finger lightly caressed from her crack all the way down her cleft, just shy of her clitoris. She was beginning to get soaking wet and so the finger made use of her juices, spreading the moisture as it made its way back up to the top of her ass.

The bed dipped down again as legs straddled hers, though without putting pressure on her body. She felt a cool breath against her cheek before soft lips rubbed lightly against her face, tracing a path to her ear and down her neck, where the kiss ended with fangs lightly scraping and ending in tiny, almost microscopic punctures before a tongue quickly darted out and lips latched on to suck.

Sookie moaned as the masculine growl deepened.

Suddenly, her hands were pulled over her head and another satin tie was wrapped around her wrists and tied to the headboard’s middle rung.

“Santa…that’s so kinky,” she purred.

A deep chuckle was her only warning before her legs were spread and two thick fingers were plunged into her dripping cunt.

“Ah…ohhh, my…ohhhh,” she wailed, relishing the shocking invasion.

A punishing pace was set by his pistoning hand, juxtaposed by escalatingly rougher nips on her neck and shoulders. The other hand snaked down underneath and she obligingly lifted her hips to allow better access. The fingers unerringly found her clit, and began expertly pressing and manipulating it, all the while keeping pace with the plunging hand.

Sookie found herself quickly reaching a blinding orgasm, her vision exploding into a million points of light.

The fingers slowly withdrew and sketched a slippery trail down her inner thighs. She heard a sucking sound, followed by a low growl. Her pussy clenched at the thought of him tasting her on his fingers.

Sookie was pleasantly shocked. While Bill had been dominating and rough with her in the past, he hadn’t shown such kinky inclinations…and such, well…if she were being honest, talent. Also, he usually made sure his own needs were met first during their coupling. To pleasure her first was almost unheard of…

Her musings were cut short as she was flipped over, her wrists crossing and further binding her. It just served to turn her on more. Her chest heaved as her nightgown was torn down the center, freeing her breasts. No sooner had the cool air hit her skin than the mouth renewed its attack, furiously sucking one nipple while pinching and pulling the other one.

Sookie’s back arched in ecstasy, but in a flash, the lips and body were gone. She frowned, perplexed, but then smiled as she heard the sound of a zipper being yanked down.

“Mmm, why Santa, are you doing what I think you’re doing?” she coyly giggled.

There was a pause as hands gripped under her thighs, pulling her apart. She held her breath, waiting for an eager tongue to plunge into her center, but…there was nothing. She sat suspended and spread apart for several moments as she heard his heavy breathing grow more ragged. She began to blush. She was on full display, his eyes likely ravaging her, while she was blindfolded, her hands tied above her head. A rush of arousal leaked down her ass and onto the bed.

It did not go unnoticed.

A long, hackle-raising snarl erupted, which only heightened Sookie’s arousal. She was so keyed up that the light touch of a tongue on her clit caused a lightning bolt of pleasure to course through her core, causing her back to involuntarily arch and her thighs to clamp in a vice-like grip.

A muffled chuckle, full of masculine pride, emanated momentarily from between her legs. But then, the animalistic growl recommenced as the focus singularly switched to oral pleasure. Sookie found herself immediately coming again, helpless against the talented mouth and tongue. She tried to catch her gasping breath in vain, as the ministrations were renewed, keeping her ramped up in a continuous orgasm and unable to allow herself to come down from the dizzying assault.

Finally, overstimulated and exhausted, she began to plead, “Please, Bill, I need a break, it’s…too…too much. I can’t….”

A savage snarl was her only answer as the near painful pleasure redoubled. Sookie continued to come, over and over again. In addition to the amazingly talented cunninglingus (“Why the hell has Bill been holding out on me?” she thought hazily), the fact that she was blindfolded and trussed up and dominated only heightened the experience to mind-numbing proportions. She came and came, until finally, there was a respite.

Panting and dripping with sweat, Sookie felt as if she had left her body. She had never known such intense…well, that wasn’t true. She recalled her time with Eric in vivid detail. Only he had ever brought her to such dizzying heights of pleasure. A stab of guilt and sadness shot through her heart as she thought of her former lover. She suppressed it quickly, though, as a hard, thick cock plunged into her dripping and ready channel, in one thrust lodging completely.

“Ohh, Santa,” she moaned.

A slow but womb-deep pace was begun, hard and unrelenting. It was all Sookie could do to clamp her trembling thighs and hold on for dear life, her bound hands straining to brace herself on the headboard.

She moaned, incapable of coherent speech as the pace began to pick up, the hard length pistoning at vamp speed. All she heard was masculine groans and snarls as finally, his cock reached an almost impossible depth. She keened hoarsely in ecstasy. Simultaneously, cool jets of semen bathed her channel as she felt the sting of fangs at her neck, his greedy snarls echoing in her ear and down her spine. After several moments, the fangs were withdrawn and languid licks sealed the punctures while a contented low hum tickled her into a fit of giddy giggles.

“Wow,” she breathed, as she was untied and gentle hands massaged her numbed wrists. She giggled again as she felt light kisses on her cheeks and lips. They both groaned softly when his still turgid cock was slowly withdrawn.

She reached up to remove her blindfold, but large hands stilled her efforts.

“Bill?” She frowned. “I want to see you. Can I take this off now?”

A barely perceptible whisper answered, “Soon.”

Bill’s voice sounded funny. She sat up and ignoring him, began to untie the scarf from her eyes. She heard a hasty zipping noise and felt a stirring of the air while she blinked. As her eyes began to focus, she noticed she was staring at her dark and empty bedroom, backlit by bright moonlight.

“Bill?” she hesitantly called out, but there was no answer.

She stood up on shaky legs, hobbling to the restroom to relieve herself and to retrieve her robe.

Feeling a bit self-conscious and confused, she went downstairs to get a much-needed drink of water. As she gulped her second glass, she retrieved her cell phone and noticed she had a voice mail.

Bill’s number.

She frowned as she looked at the current time and the time the call was made. The message was left 15 minutes ago. While she was…occupied.

“What the fu…” she hissed. She played the voice mail.

Bill’s southern accent sounded strange to her stunned ears. The message was brief and clipped, his voice barely containing his irritation. “Sookeh, I apologize, but I was held up with an unexpected, uh, issue. I promise I’ll try to make it up to you tomorrow.”

A rush of sudden, jarring understanding hit Sookie like a ton of bricks.

“ERIC!” she screamed, throwing her cell phone across the kitchen.

The sated Viking sat unheeded on Sookie’s roof, chuckling to himself. Seldom had one of his ruses ran so smoothly, but this one went off without a hitch. Humming a cheerful holiday tune under his breath (Jingle Bells), he took to the skies. Still smiling, he reflected back on their time tonight. He had unleashed all of his considerable skills on his unsuspecting former lover and knew he had left a sufficient…reminder of his talent. An early Christmas gift, if you will.

Yes, she was pissed, but he had no doubt that he’d be seeing Sookie again, soon, and back in his bed.

He continued humming, this time changing the song to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” as he flew leisurely back to his home.

AN: This one-shot was heavily inspired by Saber Shadow Kitten’s delicious story, “Tempting Fate.” Highly recommend it to any Spuffy fans out there!

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