Blood Bound Chapter 02

Chapter 2
AN: Wow! Thanks for all the kind reviews! Yeah, I agree…I couldn’t leave it as a one-shot. I got too damned curious about what comes next, so here we go…

While waiting for Pam, Eric reset all of Sookie’s broken bones, and licked most of the blood off her face, neck, and chest. However, she had continued to ooze from several vicious lacerations where bone had protruded from the skin. With his senses, he could also detect severe internal bleeding, which he knew had been the cause of her demise.

After her arrival, he answered all of Pam’s rapid-fire questions with patience, aware of her shock at the situation and its implications.



All in all, she had taken things in stride with her usual matter-of-fact approach to things, even keeping her grumbles to herself about the stink from the Rattrays corpses as she hauled their bodies off for disposal.

Eric, now sitting in the backseat of the minivan, cradled Sookie’s blanket wrapped body. His mind wandered back to his change in circumstances. He had never intended on making another child, and yet…it felt right, as if he was meant to be Sookie’s maker…

Glancing back at Eric in the rearview mirror, Pam worried about her master, who was obviously beyond smitten with the girl. She didn’t want him to hurt or be disappointed if she didn’t rise. “You think you got to her in time, you said?” she hesitantly ventured.

“Yes. I believe she had been gone mere seconds before I intervened.”

There was a pregnant pause before she continued. “What if you were too la-”

“I was in time,” he bit out.

Pam took the cue and remained silent for the remainder of the ride.

Driving through the security gates of the secluded estate, Pam spoke up, wanting to mend any sore spots. “How can I help, master?”

Eric softened towards his child, knowing she was trying to atone for angering him. “Help me prepare your sister. Put the blood in the fridge, pick out some clothes for her from your room. And, ah, stay with her and see to her hair while I prepare to go to ground.”

She turned and nodded with a grateful smile as the garage doors closed.

Eric gently placed Sookie in his master en suite shower, which was large enough to accommodate several people comfortably. He had always enjoyed modern plumbing and he required each of his homes to have lavish bathrooms.

Quickly stripping, he stepped back into the shower and began removing her blood and grime soaked clothing. Lastly, he took out the blood-encrusted tie from her hair. He turned on the showerheads and sat down on the tile, pulling her head to rest on his lap. He reverently began shampooing her long hair, which took several attempts to get clean. He then soaped up her body, washing every inch of her skin thoroughly before he leaned her to her side and quickly and efficiently cleaned himself.

After drying them both off, he gazed with unbridled longing at her voluptuous form. She embodied everything that represented his ideal of feminine beauty. From her long golden locks, bountiful breasts, rounded hips and ass, firm legs, and tiny feet-she was simply gorgeous head to toe. With no small degree of satisfaction, he noticed that the worst of her wounds had begun healing. Although quite a bit of bruising remained, if there were any lingering doubts about her ability to rise again, they were now gone.

Unable to suppress the sudden surge of happiness, he smiled broadly as he carried her into his bedroom and laid her on the bed. He hurriedly put on a pair of old jeans, t-shirt, and slip-on loafers (Gucci-one of Pam’s acquisitions). Pam had entered at some point, carrying a garnet colored nightgown and robe.

She noticed the smug look on his face while he fixated on Sookie’s nude form, and drawled, “Well, now. I see now why you decided to keep her. She is certainly…attractive, is she not?”

Taking the silk garments from Pam, he began dressing her while he murmured, “Indeed she is.” Intently focusing on smoothing the fabric over her body, he continued, “And pure of spirit, brave, and singularly unique.”

Pam shot a knowing smile at him as she went to fetch a brush out of her room. Eric was a goner. Hell, she was happy for him. Despite her presence and the throngs of fangbangers that milled about, she had felt through their bond his intense loneliness and longing for a companion for too long. And now, she rejoiced at his excitement and happiness.

After Eric had dressed Sookie to his satisfaction, he lifted her head and spread her locks upon the pillow. Turning to Pam, who had returned with a brush and styling products, he nodded and told her he was going to prepare their “resting space.”

Whistling a jaunty tune, he retrieved a shovel and tarp from the garage and headed out to the west side of his property. In just a few minutes, he had dug a shallow hole, spacious enough to contain them both. Satisfied, he lined the bottom with the tarp, allowing enough of the material to hang out so it could fold over their forms.

Eric didn’t want his beautiful, innocent newborn to rise to the world covered in dirt.




Eric lay on his back, with Sookie tucked into him, turned so that she lay on her side, with her head nestled on his shoulder. Pulling her arm and leg over his body, he nodded to Pam.

“I will contact you after Sookie rises. Return to Fangtasia. If any inquiries are made, tell them I am away on a business matter and will return shortly. Destroy Compton’s signed statement-it obviously will not be faxed to the queen. Keep him silvered and entertain yourself as you see fit, but spare his eyes and tongue. I need him to see and speak when I visit him again.”

Pam nodded her understanding. He folded the tarp over their bodies and got comfortable while Pam began covering them with soil.

Three days later, sunset

Eric felt her wake, felt her rapidly rising panic and fear. Flooding their bond with comfort, he held her close. He spoke quickly.

“Sookie. You are safe, here with me. It’s Eric. I found you—”

Her voice trembling, she interrupted him. “I know. I…I can hear your thoughts. Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m a vampire. Oh my God. No. Oh…” She began to shake violently while clutching at him.

Scooping her close, he stood and flew them back to his house, landing on his back patio. He brushed back her hair and smiled reassuringly while lightly grasping her upper arms.

“Sookie, I know this is overwhelming and must come as quite a shock, but we need to get you fed first and foremost before tackling anything else.” He thumbed the blood trails from her cheek and waited several minutes while flooding the bond with reassurance. After she had calmed sufficiently, she allowed him to lead her into the house.

He sat her on a stool at the kitchen island while he warmed up a couple of True Bloods. Swirling the blood to distribute the temperature evenly, he handed it to her. He left it in the bottle because he wasn’t sure if seeing the dark red color would be distressing to her.

“Now, keep in mind, this will taste vile, but I wanted to introduce you to synthetic blood before we discussed…the alternative…”

Taking a hesitant swig of the drink, she wrinkled her nose. “It’s…metallic tasting…not the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but….I’ll try. I feel…really hungry.” Nodding while watching her intently, he was satisfied to see that she was able to down the entire bottle. He went immediately to warm two more for her while still sipping on his.


Turning to her with the drinks, he said, “You will need to drink a few more. Although I filled you with as much of my blood as possible, you are a newborn and will need to make sure your blood lust is sated so that you can focus on what I need to tell you.”

Nodding her understanding, Sookie reached out and quickly drained the offered bottles. In all, she was able to drink eight of them before telling him she was sated.

He held out his hand to her and was pleased to see she didn’t hesitate to reach out to him. Leading her into the living room, he sat next to her on the couch and angled his body to face her. He was concerned to see the dazed look on her face. It was obvious she was in shock.

“Sookie. I am sorry this has happened to you. I got to you too late. But I couldn’t let you—”

“I was dead,” she whispered.

His worried eyes scanned her face. Licking his lips he nodded. “Yes. Yes you were. But only for a few seconds before I…You see, I couldn’t have resuscitated you. And even if I could have, the…internal damage was too extensive, even for vampire blood to heal. The only choice was to turn you.”


She looked up at him. “You could have left me. Dead I mean.”

“No. No. That was never an alternative for me.” His expression was firm and deadly serious.

She blinked. “And you killed the Rattrays. I saw it in your head.”

His gaze narrowed. “Yes. Their death was too quick. They deserved worse, much worse for what they did to you.”

A single tear tracked down her face. “And it was a set-up by Bill. He wanted them to hurt me so he could have an excuse to get his blood in me, to tie me to him. Because I’m a telepath.”

He nodded solemnly while trying to block his thoughts, but she plucked it out of his head despite his efforts.

Her lovely face frowning in confusion, she said, “I’m part…fae? I wasn’t human to begin with? What am I now? Part fae, vampire? This is too…too much!”

She covered her eyes and shook her head as bloody tears made garish trails down her cheeks. “Oh…what am I going to do? My Gran, what am I going to do about Gran? I can’t just leave her alone…and my job. What am I going to tell Sam?” She began to laugh hysterically. “I guess I’ll tell him I’ll only be able to work the night shift from now on, huh?”

Eric shook her lightly when she didn’t initially respond to his efforts to reorient her.


“Listen, Sookie. It’s going to be okay. We will figure things out. Together.” He kissed her forehead to underscore his point. “And as far as your job…the shifter is aware of what happened. He had come upon us after I had found you. I explained what happened to him, and he agreed to talk to your grandmother. He was to tell her you were going away to visit a sick friend for a few days but that you’d contact her as soon as you were able. He agreed to drive your car to a secluded area to help with the ruse.” He gently pulled her hands from her face and caught her gaze. “We will work it out. I promise. Understand?”

She was sobbing while nodding frantically, desperately wanting to cling to his words of comfort.

He bent down and slowly licked the blood trails from her cheeks. She seemed strangely soothed by his efforts, and her tears quickly stopped. She allowed him to situate her on his lap as he held her close, petting her hair while quietly explaining the basics of what it meant to be a vampire and how she now fit into the hierarchy of supernatural creatures.

He continued holding and crooning to her until she calmed enough to allow him to lead her to his bedroom, where he spooned her to him on the bed. He began telling her about himself, of his long existence, of places he had seen and people he had met in an effort to keep her distracted. All the while, he flooded the bond with calm, security, and tenderness.

As he spoke to her, he made every effort to hide his bloodthirsty and vengeful thoughts about Compton and the queen, as well as the implications of her ability to read vampire minds. Although she was coveted as a mortal for her ability to read human minds, she would now be hunted by others of his kind for her new skill.

If Sookie read his thoughts, she didn’t mention it throughout the long night.


AN: Ok, not a lot of action, but necessary for what is to come. I don’t see this as a long multi-chap fic, more of a ficlet.

Thanks as always for reading, following, favoriting, and especially taking the time to review!










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