A big thank you to 4padfoot, Gyllene, Kittyinaz, Magsmacdonald, and Mistressjessica1028 for hosting the TB/SVM “You Want Blood” awards and for all the hard work and time that went into the project. Also, I want to express my gratitude for those who nominated and voted for my stories, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners! I was especially touched by the Lifetime Achievement award that recognized EricIzMine’s well-loved stories.

Writing fan fiction is truly a labor of love and to be recognized among so many talented authors for two of my stories means so much to me, a newbie author. 🙂





6 comments on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. redjane12 says:

    Congratulations! and well deserved… Is it crass to say how much I miss The Prisoner? That is one lovely and brave Sookie (the imminent arrival of TB07 makes me nostalgic for a better Sookie than the one HBO is intent on selling)

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      Thanks!! No, not crass. I miss Prisoner too. I have about half of the next chapter written, so stay tuned. Yeah, I’m anxious about TB7. Naima told me she read a TV Guide article that mentioned no HEA for Eric and Sookie (duh, but still…).

      • redjane12 says:

        I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I see 0% chances of an Eric & Sookie HEA on TB – The writing is on the wall for a Bill & Sookie lovefest…. I wish I am wrong but sadly I don’t think I will…

      • alh1971fanfiction says:

        The writing’s been carved in the wall for a while. It’s obvious that the RL Moyer/Paquin relationship overshadows the direction of the show. I was standing in the grocery store check-out line last night and read the TV Guide article where Askars says that Eric “realized he wasn’t good for Sookie” or some rot. Whatever. I’d rather see Sookie with Alcide than Bill if not Eric, but what can you do?

  2. Jackie69 says:

    Congratulations for your well deserved awards…I love your stories and your version of a bravier Sookie..Take care

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