The Louisiana Vampire Murders Chapter 05

Chapter 5

AN: WARNING: Dark kink in this chapter. If it offends or doesn’t interest, don’t read. This is going to be a pretty dark story in general, so reader discretion advised. In fact, at some point it may only be continued on my blog at alh1971fanfiction dot wordpress dot com and/or on FictionPad due to content. When and if that happens I’ll let ff dot net readers know.

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Three Weeks Later:

Sookie was reviewing the report she was writing, scanning for errors and carefully screening her choice of words in the summary section when her phone rang.

Glancing at the caller ID, she picked up the receiver. The caller didn’t mince words.

“Dr. Stackhouse, Pam Ravenscroft here.”

She stopped typing and straightened up in her chair, pressing the phone closer to her ear. “Yes, Ms. Ravenscroft?”

“Mr. Northman has indicated to me he has recuperated sufficiently to finish the psychological testing. Actually, he’s insisted on it despite my advice to continue convalescing from his injuries.”

“Oh, um, okay. You had mentioned your intention to move him from the Orleans Parish Prison…so where-”

“No, he’s still there,” Pam interrupted her with a snort. “My hard-headed client has indicated he refuses to be cowed and that he could get jumped at any jail, so why go through all the hassle of moving?”

Sookie inhaled sharply. “Okay. Well, I only need the MMPI-2 to complete the evaluation. I have all the other measures scored and most of the report written already. I’m going to send one of my doctoral interns to the jail to administer the test and then Stan Davis will let you know when the report is available.”

There was a prolonged pause on the line.

“Ms. Ravenscroft? Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Is there a problem?”

Pam cleared her throat. “Mr. Northman has requested that he wishes to discuss certain matters with you when you return to finish the assessment.”

Sookie’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “He did? Um, do you know what issues he specifically wished to address?”

“No, but he did indicate he wanted to talk to you specifically. No offense to your interns, but given the high profile nature of this case, I would rather you personally handle all aspects of his evaluation.”

Sookie groaned internally. She had deliberately wanted to distance herself from the case given her unprofessional…interest in her client. She had planned on sending her male intern, Hoyt, to give the MMPI-2 to Eric. The directions to the test were straightforward and didn’t require a doctor’s direct supervision to simply administer it. But…if his attorney was voicing her preference for her direct involvement in the test administration, then she’d go ahead and bite the bullet and go to avoid any potential objections. She’d just make damn sure that she kept her professional demeanor tightly wrapped around her at all times.

“Sure, okay. I’ll clear some time on my schedule to give the test personally.”

“When?” Pam interjected.

Sookie bristled at her pushiness. Pam was definitely a ballbuster, despite the petite, blonde well-coiffed package she presented. But then again, her reputation preceded her. Looks could definitely be deceiving.

“I have a slot open tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good. I’ll let Mr. Northman know to expect you.”


‘Well, isn’t she charming?’ Sookie thought sourly. She sighed and took a large gulp of the lukewarm coffee. Shaking her head she turned back to the computer to continue working on the patient’s report.

Sookie was back in the darkened room. She had been there before, but this time she was able to see more of the cavernous bedroom because it was softly lit by the glow of several candles placed strategically placed throughout the room.

Titan TN_TN100QB-m

She was kneeling on a large four-poster, canopied bed. She was facing outward and could see herself in an enormous mirror hung above a dark wood dresser. Her arms were stretched out above her head, shackled to a metal ring soldered into the wrought iron railing. He had forced her knees apart and shackled her ankles as well to matching rings mounted on the lower ends of the posts.


She was wearing a gift from him: a black cupless leather corset that he had cinched painfully tight, making her waist look amazingly tiny and thrust her already bountiful breasts up and forward. She blushed as she stared at her breasts, which looked impossibly huge and ripe. Nipple clamps were on both nipples and pulled taut by a chain attached to both ends. He had taken off her panties but allowed her to keep on the black thigh high lace topped stockings. He had also removed her five-inch heels before he had shackled her ankles to the bed, murmuring that she would no longer need them for the activities he had in mind.
Lastly, he held up a black scarf and gently allowed the edges to trail across her sensitive nipples before he slid it up and across her face. Keeping his eyes trained on hers the entire time, he deftly placed the scarf across her mouth and tied it tightly behind her head. He bent down and licked her bottom lip before whispering in her ear.

“There. Now you’ll be able to watch everything that I do to you but won’t be able to stop me. There will be none of that “safe word” nonsense between us, understood?’


Eyes wide, she nodded her understanding. She was excited by the combination of fear and anticipation. Her sex pulsated and dripped heavy arousal down her thighs, soaking the tops and sides of her stockings.

He gave a dark chuckle as his eyes roamed over her body. “Mmm…I must say, I really prefer you like this, Dr. Stackhouse. All trussed up and helpless, with your pretty little mouth gagged. And I can see you are…enjoying it as well, aren’t you?” He slowly trailed his finger from her thigh up to her sopping folds. “Oh yes, I think you like just as much as I do. Let’s see what else we can do to make things more…interesting, shall we?”

He was barechested, having removed his button down shirt, as well as his shoes and socks. He had kept on his dark dress slacks, however. Sookie watched as he removed his belt from his pants. He stalked back to the bed and began smacking the looped leather on his hand.


Her heartbeat quickened and she began panting, terrified and painfully aroused at the same time.

He bent down and gently nuzzled her cheek before quickly grabbing her hair and forcing her head back while devouring her lips with his, forcing his tongue up and under the bottom of the scarf and into her mouth.

She let out a frightened mewl as he groaned, “Oh, kitten. You excite me like no other woman. I knew from the moment I saw you that I had to have you, that you would be mine.” He released her hair and stood, smacking the belt lightly on one of her swollen nipples.

She gasped in pained pleasure as he aimed the belt again, this time on her drenched nether lips. She cried out, her voice muffled by the gag.


He dropped down on his knees in front of her, his blue eyes glinting in the candlelight. He pinned her with his gaze as he spoke softly to her.

“You are mine now. You may be a doctor, a psychologist no less, trained to understand the very basest of man’s thoughts and behaviors, but inside of you is a submissive, wanting to be owned and dominated. Well, you will have your darkest desires filled, but by me alone. No other man is to ever touch what is mine. Ever again.” He reached down and brutally plunged three fingers inside of her while grasping her throat in his other hand. “Is that understood, kitten?”

She moaned and nodded her head. Satisfied, he removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue while clutching her ass with his other hand, pulling her tightly to him. Straining against the manacles, back arched, she had the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Sookie awoke with a shudder. Her heart racing and breath coming in gasps, she reached over and shut off her alarm clock. She sat up and held her head in her hands.

Every night since the first dream she had had similar ones of Eric Northman, each one more dark and vivid than the last. The dreams had been exceptionally twisted after she had reviewed the files the DA had provided to her. After seeing him in the infirmary, she had wanted to help him, try to find out more about his attackers. However, after reading the details of the actual crimes and hearing about his sexual inclinations, she had backed off, once again trying to keep some semblance of professional distance from the case. It wasn’t her job to save him, and quite frankly, the likelihood he had committed the crimes seemed pretty damned strong despite her initial instinct to the contrary.

Just what the hell was going on? What was wrong with her? She had never been this…affected by a case before, and that was saying a lot given the extreme crimes she had been exposed to in the past.

“Ugh. This case is really fucking with me,” she grumbled, heading down to the kitchen to make a strong pot of coffee. She had a feeling she was going to have a long day ahead.


Sam escorted Sookie to one of the small inner jail rooms used for assessments and meetings. It was actually the same one she had used last time. He smiled at her and let her know, as always, that they were watching her closely.


She nodded and thanked him as she turned and placed her briefcase on the floor and then waited by the door. Before long, she saw Eric’s giant form being escorted by two guards. Keeping her eyes on the guards, she requested his cuffs be removed again, and as before, had to explain that being cuffed would hinder his ability to participate in the evaluation.

After he was seated across from her, she had to stifle a gasp as she looked at him. There were cuts at his hairline and right cheekbone that were starting to heal and the bruises on his face and neck had faded to a garish dark greenish hue. She could tell that he was in pain by the way he had gingerly seated himself.

They stared at each other for a moment before she said, “Mr. Northman, your attorney said you had recovered sufficiently to complete the evaluation but I can see that you are still in pain.”

He laughed grimly, “Cracked ribs take a while to heal and I still have headaches form the concussion. Otherwise, I’m just peachy. She tried to talk me out of it, but…” His voice trailed off as he shrugged.

She grimaced and said softly, “Perhaps we should complete the assessment after you have had time to recov-”

“No!” He interjected loudly, causing her to jump. Aware that he had startled her, he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry Dr. Stackhouse, but I would really rather soldier on and get this over with. The sooner you get this report to the judge, the sooner I can get out of this shithole on bail. He had suspended the possibility of bail pending the outcome of this eval, so, if you don’t mind, let’s get on with it.”

She let out a breath she’d been holding. She wondered if he was aware that one of his former “lovers” had come forward about his sexual preferences.

“You know, Mr. Northman, as I said before at the beginning of this assessment, I am a neutral party here. I am basing my report on the outcome of these measures as well as my professional opinion. And there is no guarantee that the judge will post bail. Given the, uh, nature of the crimes you are accused of, it is likely that no bail will be set.”

He smirked. “Trust me, with Ravenscroft, Dr. Compton, and my deep pockets, I feel fairly confident. It will cost an arm and a leg, but I have little doubt bail will be set. I suspect that avoiding a well publicized lawsuit for my assault will be a strong motivator as well.”

She stared at him for a moment, taken aback by his sudden bravado. She decided to avoid commenting on his last statements.

“Well, I can see you are ready to get going, so let’s begin.” She pushed the MMPI-2 booklet and answer form in front of him.

She started to relay instructions for the test, but he blurted, out, “Did Ravenscroft tell you I wanted to talk to you?”

She shut her mouth and folded her hands in her lap. “Yes, she did. Is this something you would care to address now or after you complete the questionnaire?”

Eyes narrowed, he thought for a moment. “Good point. Let’s finish this and then I’ll ask, okay?”

She nodded and then resumed giving him instructions for how to answer the test.

He flew through the test despite her reminder at one point to read the questions carefully before answering. He just shrugged and continued on at his rapid pace.

She was surprised when she checked her watch and saw he had finished well before the usual administration time. He smirked as he pushed the manual and pencil towards her.

She flipped it open to the form in the back to make sure he had completed all the questions and to see if he had answered any of the “critical items” in a manner that would warrant further intervention (such as suicidality). Noting nothing of concern, she glanced down at his answer to the question of never having indulged in any unusual sexual activities and saw that he had answered “false.” Her heart began to race when she reflected back on her dreams.

She looked up from the booklet and noticed he was staring intently at her. She blushed and hurriedly put the manual away in her briefcase.

Clearing her throat and trying to appear impassive, she asked him, “Well, Mr. Northman, you said you had some questions for me?”

He smiled and sat back in the chair. Despite the bruises and cuts on his face, he was still amazingly handsome.


“Yes, I do. First of all, you have a private practice on the north side of the city, correct?”

She blinked, being taken off guard, “Yes,” she replied, wondering where his line of questioning was going. And how in the hell in knew where her office was located.

“So that would likely mean you live near that area since most private practice docs don’t like to commute too far from their home.”

She bristled. “I am afraid I can’t answer that, Mr. Northman.”

He chuckled. “Okay, but in for a penny, in for a pound as my mom always said. I notice you don’t wear a ring on your left hand. Does that mean you aren’t married?”

Now she was pissed. He was trying that cat and mouse shit he pulled the first day of the assessment. She stood and said, “Mr. Northman, I don’t divulge my personal life to my patients. Sorry.” Especially not to him. Even if he was innocent of the crimes he was accused of it was obvious even to a layperson that this man was dangerous in more ways than one despite his good looks and genteel demeanor.

He continued laughing softly as he stood and held out his hand to her. “I’m sorry Dr. Stackhouse, really, I just wanted to thank you for your help.” His expression abruptly sobered and his striking blue eyes bored into hers. “Ravenscroft said you came to visit me in the infirmary. I…I appreciate that. It shows you care and that means a lot to me.”

He stood there with his hand out until she finally gave in and shook it. As when they first shook hands weeks ago, a jolt of electricity passed between them.

He kept hold of her hand when she tried to pull it away.

“I’ll see you soon Dr. Stackhouse,” he whispered.

Face flushing, she yanked her hand back and opened the door, motioning to Sam that they were done with the evaluation.

Sam didn’t waste any time getting on his walkie-talkie and calling for guard escorts and Sookie didn’t wait around. Grabbing her briefcase, she walked stiffly towards the guard station and was let out.

Eric watched her walk away until the doors clanged shut.

Six weeks later:

“Dr. Stackhouse, these just came for you.”

Sookie looked up at Jessica, her intern, and frowned. In the graduate student’s arms was a huge bouquet of red roses in a heavy, expensive looking crystal vase. Jessica was grinning from ear to ear.

Marquis_for_Florists_1024x1024.jpg v=1375303889

“I didn’t know you were dating Dr. Stackhouse.”

Sookie’s frown deepened. “I’m not. Not anymore.”

Jessica smirked. “No? Well, then it looks like you have a secret or not-so-secret admirer.” She plucked the card out of the pronged plastic holder and waved it in front of her boss tauntingly. “There’s a ca…arddd,” she gloated in a sing-song voice.


Sookie rolled her eyes. “Please hand that over. Now.” She plucked the card from her fingers. She was actually in a shitty mood because she had dealt with a difficult patient and his family earlier. The man was a multi-millionaire and was starting to show signs of cognitive decline. Of course his children and his new wife (who was thirty years his junior) were already circling like vultures, hoping to get the old man declared incompetent, thus, allowing them control of his finances. She still hadn’t had the much needed vacation she had promised herself, but she intended to. In fact, she had been in touch with one of her few single friends (newly divorced), Amelia and they had been emailing back and forth about vacation ideas. Hawaii seemed to be in the top three possibilities…

Jessica waved her hand in front of Sookie’s face, abruptly jerking her out of her reverie. “Earth to Dr. Stackhouse…where do you want these? I need to put them down-they weigh a ton!”

Sookie gestured for her to set them on a small end table next to her desk. She stood and shook her head while looking at the bouquet. It had been ages since she had gotten any flowers. In fact, the last time was from her ex, John Quinn.

Jessica made an impatient chuffing noise. “Well, aren’t you going to see who their from?’

Sookie turned distractedly from the bouquet and looked at Jessica. “Um, yeah, in a minute. I need to get Mr. Bodehouse’s report finished first.”

Jessica smirked. “Okay, sure. I can take a hint.” She went out into the testing room, which doubled as the intern office to finish scoring the earlier patient’s neuropsychological testing.

Sookie gently closed the door behind her and sat down. She picked up the small white envelope that had “Dr. Sookie Stackhouse” stamped on the front. She opened it up and removed the card. On it was an actual handwritten note:

Dr. Stackhouse,

Thank you. For everything.

See you soon,


She read the cryptic note twice. What the hell did he mean, “See you soon?” He had said that at the jail as well. In light of his words and his questions about her practice and home, it could only mean one thing. Eric Northman must have made bail and was planning on a little visit….

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  2. Loftin says:

    I’m really really hoping Eric is truly innocent. It seems he’s being set up but I’m dying to know why and by whom. I’m so excited for more.

  3. Heather says:

    Maybe he will tie her up for real!!!! Haha..I love it!!!

  4. whichwitch24 says:

    I don’t normally comment, but i have to say i am lovin this fic. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen. Is he innocent? Did he do it? Is Sookie next? Is there a HEA? Can’t wait to see the direction it goes. Not one to beg, but anxiously waiting for the next chapter(s)!

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      I am glad you are enjoying the story and took the time out to leave feedback-I appreciate it. Stay tuned, next chapter is forthcoming.

  5. I want to know if the beginning was one of Sookie’s memories that her and Eric had a one night stand or is that more of a dream.

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    Glad you’ve returned to this fic. Love it. For some reason I’m having the hardest time getting your updates, even though I follow. Not sure why or just a glitch, but thank heavens I didn’t delete my fanfiction account so I got an update there…and looked here 😉

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        Thanks for being patient with me!

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    I hope Eric is not guilty. I have to admit I would have been frecked out by him too in the jail. I understand why she is keeping her distance. I love that she is having naughty dreams about him.

  9. Very cryptic indeed. I am hoping that Eric is innocent but he isn’t helping matters especially by promising he’ll see her soon in a creepy stalkerish way. Fantastic job so far. Really interesting plot and definitely keeping me entertained. Off to finish the rest!

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