One-Shot: Regarde Moi Toujours Comme Ca


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AN: This story was written as a gift for my friend NaimaDemars, as a token of appreciation for all of her hard work on the blog that she created for me out of the kindness of her heart. I had her dictate the parameters or “wish list” for a one-shot she would like to read. She also provided the title for the story, which is taken from an Edith Piaf song and is loosely translated to mean, “Always look at me like that.” (I hope I got that correct!)

Warning: This story has explicit adult content, inspired by two of my favorite SVM/TB lemon writers, TexanLady and nachtperle, so fair warning! Not for the faint of heart….

Eric saw her as soon as she stepped foot inside Fangtasia. He immediately felt an inexplicable pull to the beautiful little blonde. His cock twitched and fangs ran half-mast while he watched her, wide eyed with innocence in her white sundress, towed by…Bill Compton.

sookie-stackhouse 1

What the hell was she doing with him?

From his vantage point on the stage, which had the lighting manipulated to cast shadows on his form, he could watch her relatively unobserved. Of course, to others of his kind, his eye movements could be tracked. That is if anyone had the balls to look him directly in the eyes for any length of time…

Despite the booming music, he could easily hear her asking Longshadow about his knowledge of the women in the photographs she produced. He sneered at his bartender and that loser Compton. They both knew damn well they should have deferred to him and sent the girl straight to him. They would later pay for their failure to properly adhere to vampire protocol, but for now, he was otherwise…occupied.


Eric continued to observe her under shadowed brows while Compton escorted the girl to a table. Although she was obviously nervous, he could detect an innocent curiosity that to him went beyond the usual wannabe fangbanger thrill seeker.


She swept her eyes around the room and stopped when they came to him. Her heart rate picked up as she stared at him. He could tell by the pulsing of her carotid artery, which began to beat deliciously in double time. His cock throbbed again, this time hardening to the point of pain against the crotch of his tight leather pants. He shifted in his seat, noting that the girl’s eyes lowered as Compton spoke to her.

His eavesdropping was interrupted by his child.

Pam whispered to him, “The girl’s name is Sookie Stackhouse.”


Damn. His child was good. She knew him too well.

He nodded and dismissed her with a flick of his wrist. She smirked but dutifully and lithely dropped down from the stage, ever graceful even in her five-inch heels.

When he looked back over to their table, he saw the delicious blonde staring at him again. She had narrowed her eyes when she saw Pam whispering to him.

Interesting. The innocent kitten had a bit of a jealous streak?

The loser she was with “warned” her that they were being “scanned” by him, likely to be “summoned.” Jesus, there should be special buses that ran nightly for vampires like Compton.

As soon as both their eyes returned to him, he gave a sharp, single wave of his hand to summon them to his side.

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As they approached, he ignored Bill, keeping his intense gaze on Sookie. He raked her up and down with his eyes and licked his lips. He interrupted Bill, who was giving a verbal jerk-off about “mainstreaming.” How precious.

“I can see that is going well for you” he leered, licking his lips again.

the eric

When she attempted to introduce herself, he interrupted her by telling her he knew her name. The blush, quickening heart rate, and scent of arousal did not go unnoticed by both men.


Bill glared at him but Eric continued to focus on the delightful buxom blonde.

“Miss Stackhouse, I am surprised and displeased that my underlings did not explain the chain of command regarding inquiries that pertain to my bar or my retinue. All questions are to be directed to me, and me alone.”

Bill fidgeted as Sookie continued to blush prettily. “I’m sorry Mr. Northm-“

“Eric. Please call me Eric.”

“Uh, yes. Eric, I apologize. I had no idea. It’s about my brother, Jason. He’s in real bad trouble…Um, here are pictures of two women he’s being accused of murdering. Both girls supposedly had fang marks on them and I was wondering if you’ve seen them around here or know of anyone they might have had contact with. It may help my brother’s chances of not going to prison.”

He smiled at her. “Well…aren’t you sweet.”


Her eyes narrowed as she snapped, “Not really.”

Oh ho! The kitten had claws! He was going to enjoy her. On many levels.

He smirked and reached out and took the pictures from her. He swallowed back his distaste as he scanned them. One hadn’t been worthy of draining his cock or even providing a mouthful of the bile that ran in her veins. The other one had been mildly amusing. For a quick jerk off. He hadn’t even bothered to drink from her since he could still smell the cum from other men on and in her.

Eric looked at her steadily. “I have seen them both and had a brief…discussion with that one (namely,bend over so I can cum on your ass’). I am sorry to inform you that I do not know which vampire they may have left the bar with, however.”


He handed the pictures back to her. She nodded and tried to smile through her disappointment. “That’s okay. I appreciate your time and am sorry to have bothered you.” She turned to go but stilled when his hand shot out and grabbed her arm.

She froze as Bill hissed softly.

“Please, stay, Miss Stackhouse. I wasn’t finished with…our talk.”


She turned and looked to Bill, who was shooting daggers at them. Eric directed her to the chair to his right. She sat demurely, looking down through her lashes.

His eyes stayed trained on her as he spoke to Bill. “Leave, now.”

Bill spluttered. “I’m sorry Sheriff, but I’m not leaving without Sookie. She is mine!”


Eric turned slowly as he smirked at him.  He pulled Bill’s head, which smelled atrociously of Old Spice and Brylcreem down by his mouth. He spoke low into his ear, so that on one else but a vampire could hear. “Nice try, Bill. She is pure…untouched. You may have wanted to claim her, but I’m afraid you missed your chance.”


He nodded to Pam, who was waiting in the wings to pounce. She gripped Bill by the back of the neck, and with vamp speed “escorted” him to the back of the bar, where they disappeared.


Sookie gasped and started to stand. “Bill! Why’d that lady throw Bill out like that!”

Eric smiled. “I am afraid Bill is being punished for ignoring vampire protocol. Don’t worry. He won’t be…permanently harmed.” He gently pulled her back to her seat.

She shook her head. “I…I can’t just act like nothing’s wrong. Bill’s my boyfriend.  And…He drove me here tonight.” She shook her head and muttered, “I suppose I can just call a cab.”

Eric smiled. Here was the opportunity he was waiting for. “No, I will drive you home. Come.”

He stood to his full 6’5 height. He enjoyed how her eyes widened when she noticed the bulge in his pants. She swallowed thickly and tentatively reached out to him. He bent down and kissed her hand, deeply inhaling the most delectable, clean scent he had yet encountered in all his years. She smelled pure, with a maddening undertone of sunshine, milk, and honeycomb that reminded him of his youth.

This little woman had his full attention. He felt strangely but magnetically…drawn to her. His beast was salivating. He could tell she was spirited though naturally submissive. She would make a pliant but hot little lover for him. He couldn’t wait to get her out of the vermin filled bar.

“My car is parked in back in the employee lot.”

She shook her head. “Are you sure you don’t mind? I don’t live in Shreveport. I’m all the way in Bon Temps.”

Mmmm. More time in a confined space with her.

“No. There is no imposition for me. To be truthful, I had planned on leaving early tonight. I often find this establishment to be…tiresome.”

He grasped her by the hips and swung her off the stage, causing her to inhale sharply. He sat her down gently but regained his grip on her hand as he pulled her out the back entrance.

He opened the door of his vette and buckled her in, quickly appearing in the driver’s seat in the blink of an eye.

He glanced over at the little blonde as the engine roared to life. She seemed a bit overwhelmed and he could smell the scent of fear on her…but he found an undernote of excitement to be encouraging.  She was frightened but on the delicious razor’s edge of arousal.

They engaged in polite conversation on the way to her house. She let him know that she lived alone since her Gran died of a heart attack last year and that she waited tables at Merlotte’s, which he knew was an absolute shithole ran by a shifter.

She seemed bashful, almost painfully shy around him. He found it to be enticing and could not wait to deflower and defile the innocent little woman. He would introduce her to every sexual act eventually…and he had every intention of starting tonight. He would demand her submission to him in the bedroom but he would make sure she enjoyed every minute of it and find immense pleasure in their coupling, no matter how degrading the act. He was even not averse to glamouring her if needed, in the beginning, just to help relax her…but not too relaxed. He wanted that element of fear to feed her ecstasy…

She pointed out the driveway to her home. He winced and took great care to drive slowly down the pitted gravel to avoid damaging his suspension.

He appraised the house. It was old and in severe need of maintenance. Well. If she tasted as delicious as she smelled and her pussy was as tight as he anticipated, then he’d keep her as a pet. He hadn’t kept one in centuries, but as his pet, she was entitled to certain monetary privileges. He’d see to the upkeep of her home and repair her deplorable driveway to start with…

Although…he was extremely unhappy when she pointed out that Compton’s place was next door to hers. Unacceptable. Perhaps his house might need to unexpectedly burn to the ground. Soon. Or maybe he’d move her closer to Shreveport…

He parked next to an older model Honda. He shot to the passenger side and let her out, taking her hand in his. She allowed him to help her to the door. She took her keys out of her purse and fidgeted.

“Something wrong, Sookie?” He bent down and looked inquiringly at her.

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude and all, but I don’t know you from Adam. I mean, all I know is that you’re a powerful vampire Sheriff who owns a bar my boyfriend was just kicked out of.” She paused. “Just where is Bill, anyways? I saw his car at the bar when we left and now I don’t see a light on at his place.”

Eric groaned internally. The stupid prick was cock blocking him even now, from Shreveport. He decided to tell her the truth…or a portion of the truth.

“Given that he transgressed against vampire protocol, I’m afraid he has to remain detained tonight.  Don’t worry. He’ll be released tomorrow.” He failed to tell her that Bill was being tortured by his child even as they spoke. He could feel Pam’s unbridled glee through their bond, which meant she was either shopping or torturing someone…but he kept that tidbit to himself. No sense in upsetting her. Or his plans…

“Oh. Poor Bill!” Her hand flew up to her succulent lips.

He shrugged in response. “He’ll be fine. I assure you.”

“Well, I’m new to the whole vampire rule thing. I guess if he broke some rules he’ll have to pay the piper.” She sighed. “I apologize, but I have to admit that I’m disappointed. I had really hoped you could help my brother out. I appreciate the ride home, but it’s been a long day.  I hate to be rude, but I’m going to head up to bed. I’m just…drained.”

His inner beast salivated at the thought of draining her. He slapped himself mentally. He needed to get back in the game or he was going to lose out on his chance with her tonight.

“Miss Stackhouse, I may still be able to help. Since I am the Sheriff of this area, I have the power to question anyone in my retinue. Also, I have the authority and connections with other Sherriffs to interrogate and extradite vampires should I determine probable cause.”

She looked up at him hopefully. “Oh, that’s great! Let me write down my number for you. You can call if you hear anything.” She fumbled in her purse to get a pen. He calmly put his hand over hers, stilling her movements.

He bent down and whispered in her ear. “I don’t want your phone number. Not right now at any rate.” He kept his lips close to her, ghosting them from her ear back and forth across her cheek. He could feel the chill bumps that erupted magically over her skin. He could also smell her essence more strongly due to her arousal. He had to stifle back a groan and suppress the desire to sink his fangs and cock as deeply into her as possible.

She shivered but didn’t move back from him. “You don’t want my number?”

He breathed in her in ear. “No.”

Her heart began beating frantically, pumping her delicious scent closer to the surface of her skin.  He had to swallow the involuntary saliva that filled his mouth. He could no longer hold back his fangs, however. He was aware that she heard his fangs drop due to the rush of heat from her.


Her voice came out soft and shaky. “Just what do you want, Sheriff?”

“Eric,” he corrected her.

She huffed, “Just what do you want, Eric?”

He smiled at her brazenness. “Oh, little Sookie. I think you know exactly what I want.”

She froze and bit out sharply. “I am Bill’s girlfriend. You heard him, I am his.”

He chuckled, still bent over with his lips at her ear. “Oh no, you are most certainly not his.” His tongue slipped out as he lightly licked and nipped her earlobe. He could smell that his actions produced another rush of heated arousal out of her deliciously scented cunt.

He grinned as he continued to whisper to her. “Do you know how a vampire stakes a claim on a human?”

She shook her head.

“The vampire drinks from and fucks the human, marking her with his fangs and cum.” He lightly traced the top of her collarbone back and forth with his finger. “And if she’s a very lucky little pet, a blood exchange takes place, bonding the human to the vampire, marking her as his property, so there’ s absolutely no question as to who she belongs to.”

Her heart began racing at a frantic pace at his words.

He continued. “Now. Sookie. We both know that Compton hasn’t tasted you before, now has he? Tell the truth. I can tell if you lie to me.”

She bit her lip before responding. “N-nno,” she whispered.

He laughed softly. “Well now, that’s his misfortune, isn’t it?”


“He was as stupid as he is short-sighted to let a prize like you slip through his fingers, because that is what he has done. You see, if he had marked you and made a legitimate claim on you…well, that would have made things more…difficult for me. As it is, I have free reign to do what I please with you…but I am not a patient man.” He stood up to his full, intimidating height.

“You want my help for your brother. I can guarantee that I can find the true killer to absolve him.”

Despite her fear, Sookie’s heart leapt at the opportunity. “You can? Why didn’t you just say so for goodness sake?” She glared up at him peevishly.

Her sauciness caused his cock to pulsate. Her fire would serve her well once he got ahold of her.

“Haven’t you heard that adage, “nothing’s free”? There are costs associated with my assistance, Sookie.”

Her face reddened as she put her hands on her hips. “Costs? Do you think I’m stupid? Or a whore? I think I have an idea of what “payment” you expect to force from me!”

Eric’s beast was gleeful. She was furious and had figured him out. Now for the final act of this cat and mouse game…

He smirked at her. “I have no intention to “force” you to do anything.” He ignored her gasp. “After our…coupling I will follow up on finding the true killer and free your brother. If you want to return to Bill after tonight…well, I suppose that is your right.” He didn’t tell her that because Bill would smell their intermingled blood and cum, he would reject her…and he’d be waiting in the wings to make sure he was there to gloat over his victory.

She shook her head. “I can’t believe you. I have never been so insulted in my entire life. You know what, you can just shove your-“ she raised her arm to slap him but he caught her small hand in his much larger grip.

His eyes glowed as he pulled her to him, pressing her body roughly into his so she could feel his raging hard on.

He reached up and pulled her hair back, baring her neck. His fangs nipped her delicate skin, barely drawing a small bead of blood. He darted his tongue out and her indescribably delectable flavor exploded on his taste buds. He moaned, pressing his face into the side of her throat. Gods, she was enticing! He greedily swirled her nectar in his mouth as he tried to figure her out…there was something different, something…otherworldly about her. She did not smell or taste entirely human…that something in the back of his mind was niggling at him.

Fuck it…he would worry about that later.

He began kissing and sucking the side of her neck while she moaned wantonly.

His beast roared in triumph as the little minx responded to him.

“Sookie, I know you’re attracted to me…I can smell and feel your arousal. Compton is a fool…I can help you but you must first invite me in…”

Her head lolled back as he continued to kiss down her neck, towards her chest.

“Eric,” she whispered.

He looked up at her, his eyes glowing and fangs fully descended.

“Come in.”

That was all he needed. He scooped her up, plucking the keys out of her hands. In the blink of an eye, he had unlocked the door and flown her up to her room.

Eric wasted no time. He stripped out of his shirt and took off his heavy biker boots and socks. Angling his upper body back on her bed, he kept his long legs on the floor.

She stood in the middle of the room, blinking uncomfortably.

“Um…” she began.

“Take your dress off, Sookie. I want to look at you. All of you,” he said quietly.

She bit her lip and shook her head. He sat up and motioned to her with his finger.

She slowly approached him. He turned her around, placing her hair over her shoulder as he unzipped her dress.  She gasped as it fell to the floor.

He growled when he took in her plump, rounded ass that was barely covered in white lace. He reached up and unhooked her bra, though she immediately placed her arms over her breasts. He turned her around.

She was blushing a delicious shade of red. “Sookie, drop the bra. I want to see them.” He looked deep into her eyes, pushing a small glamour into her.

She slowly dropped her arms, allowing the bra to fall.

As soon as he saw her large, upthrust globes, he growled menacingly. The sound made chill bumps emerge over her whole body.

“You are exquisite. I want to taste and play with you now. Okay?” He continued to push glamour at her, not commanding…more of a hint that wasn’t meant to take away free will…like an aphrodisiac, a suggestion to lower her defenses.

She nodded her head.

He growled again. “Touch yourself. Squeeze your tits together for me, push them up so I can play with those pink nipples.”

She obeyed, lifting and pushing them together, as if in offering to him. He reached out and pulled both nipples, making them lengthen and harden. He continued pinching while simultaneously sucking and nipping at them. She moaned in ecstasy as he tortured the pink buds. He growled at the thought of piercing them both with gold hoops and then chaining them together. As his pet, he would insist on it….

He reached down and cupped her sex, causing her to startle.

“Shh, little Sookie. You want this, remember?” He pushed his glamour further.

She nodded her head again but whimpered as he slid his finger back and forth through the lace.

“Mmm, my God, you are sopping wet. This pussy is so wet for me. It knows who its master is, doesn’t it?” He reached down with both hands and effortlessly tore the panties away from her body.

She whimpered louder as he began petting her mound while surreptitiously slipping a finger back and forth over her clit, which was hot and hard.

“Oh, yes, Sookie. This pussy has never been licked or fucked before, has it?”

She shook her head, biting her lip.

“Do you want to know why not?”

She continued to moan but when she didn’t respond, he pinched her clit and one of her nipples, causing her to cry out.

“I didn’t hear you lover. I said, do you know why not?”

“Nnnoo,” she moaned.

“It’s because it belongs to me. It was waiting for its master. Now that I am here, it will be rewarded for its patience.” He stood up and quickly shed his pants, kicking them towards the closet. He grabbed the antique Cheval mirror from the far corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed. He turned her around and sat her on his lap, with her back against his chest, his cock pressed against her ass and back. Her legs were draped over either side of his massive thighs. She blushed when she saw herself spread open and averted her eyes.

He tilted her small chin up with his massive hand. “No little Sookie, I want you to look in the mirror.  Do you see how beautiful you are?”

His hands went to her breasts, where they began to knead and squeeze, as if to milk them. He noticed they were turning a delicious shade of reddish pink from his attentions. He then returned to her nipples. She responded by crying out as he began stretching and pinching them again. He could spend hours worshipping her breasts, and he was fairly sure he could make her cum from breast play alone but he was anxious to explore all of her body tonight.

“Look at those luscious pink nipples, those perfect tits. You are bigger than a double D aren’t you lover?”

She nodded as his beast gloated over her voluptuousness. She was perfect for him!

“Now, Sookie, look at that sweet little pussy.” Her eyes obeyed him, despite the intensity of her blush.

“I want you to take your hand and spread your lips even further. I want to see your virgin pussy stretched open. I want to see the maidenhead that I’m going to take tonight. Can you do that, Sookie?” He pushed his glamour into the mirror, making sure to capture her gaze with his glowing eyes.

She nodded in a daze and obeyed him, reaching down with her delicate fingers and spreading open her pink lips, stretching her small hole open wider. He could see the maidenhead partially covering the opening and her arousal soaking her blonde curls, dripping down her lips and ass. He began to gently stroke her clit as he tilted her hips up so that he better see her little asshole. He reached under and spread her cheeks open with one large hand as much as possible without hurting her.

“Mmm, such pretty pink holes for your master to play with.” He dipped a finger inside her pussy before pulling it out and using the juice to rim around her ass. She gasped as he continued to swirl his finger around, just shy of entering. “Don’t worry little lover, I won’t take your ass with my fingers or cock tonight, but never fear, I will have you in every conceivable way…In time.”

He spun her around on his lap, his enormous erection pressed between them. He devoured her mouth with his, delving his tongue in and out, mimicking the actions he would soon do to her with his cock. Surprising to him, she responded aggressively, reaching up and grabbing his long hair into her hands while rocking against his engorged member. His eyes rolled back when she accidentally nicked her tongue on his fangs, sending a delicious honeyed explosion into his mouth.

With a groan, he turned and pushed her into the middle of the bed. He pulled her arms over her head and grasped her tiny wrists in his manacle-like grip. As he held her down, he continued to ravish her mouth, neck, and breasts. She began panting and as he suspected earlier, hit her first orgasm as he squeezed and suckled on her breasts. She screamed and began bucking, and so he pulled his free hand down to press his fingers into her clit, causing additional friction that made her orgasm reach an amazing crescendo.

He allowed her body to come down momentarily from her high, but not for long. Reaching down between them with both hands, he grabbed her thighs and spread them up and back. He eyed her glistening cunt for a few seconds before he snarled and descended ravenously upon it. He moaned as he tasted her. She was sweet, almost as if dripping honey. He had a fleeting thought that he’d never experienced such a delicious pussy before. In fact, human or vampire women’s scents generally didn’t appeal to him and it had been ages since he had found a partner worthy of cunninglingus. Just what was it about Sookie that made her so delicious, that made him crave her from just one night together?

He growled as his beast once again took over all rational thought. She had her head thrown back in agonized pleasure and didn’t see how his eyes glowed as he began focusing all of his energy on expertly sucking and licking her pussy. After bringing her to another climax with only his tongue and lips, he decided she was ready for the next phase of her introduction to the pleasures of sex.


He inserted one finger while sucking on her clit. She was tight, but she was drenched, which allowed another digit to barely enter. He kept her distracted by keeping constant pressure on her clit as he slowly pistoned his fingers in and out of her weeping cunt. He was gentle yet forceful enough that he tore her barrier without her awareness. She was so foregone in ecstasy that she was unaware when he withdrew his fingers and began lapping up the delectable virgin blood. After he licked her clean, he flipped her over and began kissing and licking her back, edging down her spine. She moaned and squirmed and he chuckled to himself over her ticklishness.

He continued kissing down her back, all the way to her tailbone. When he reached down and spread her cheeks, she balked and mewled, “No, Eric. I…”

“Shh, Sookie. I told you that I wouldn’t fuck your ass tonight. I just want a taste,” he crooned. She turned her head and he caught her eyes with his, forcing his glamour on her once again. “Okay, little one?”

She shyly nodded her acquiescence. “Okay. If you promise. I-I’m not ready for that yet.”

He growled as he bent down and began lapping at her leaking cunt juice, before licking up her crack and burying his tongue in her ass. She moaned and pushed herself further into him as he reached under her and began fucking her pussy with his fingers while toying with her backside. He continued his ministrations for some time, all the while causing her to buck more wildly. He expertly pushed and rubbed on her clit while bending his fingers into her g-spot and thrusting his tongue in and out of her asshole. Although he wanted to plunge his cock deep in her virgin ass, he restrained himself. He had not yet claimed her sweet pussy. But he learned something valuable. She was a willing pupil and did not seem put off by his perversions. At least not yet…

He continued his assault on her ass and pussy until he could feel her muscles tremble and clutch his fingers. She threw her head back and screamed his name while he worked her through her climax.

Exhausted and dripping with sweat, she fell forward on her bed, trembling with aftershocks.

He bent down and pulled her head to the side by her hair, giving him access to her neck, which he nipped and licked. He chuckled. “Ah ah ah little Sookie. I am not yet done with you. That was just preparation for what was to come.”

He rolled her over, smirking when he observed the glazed look in her eyes. He knelt between her spread legs and reached down, dipping his fingers in her juices, which he spread on his cock head, making it slick with her cum. He stroked himself a few times while licking his lips. He made sure he kept eye contact with her.

“Sookie, are you ready for me?”

She nodded and bit her lip.

He leaned down and lined his cock up with her opening and slowly slid in. Despite his earlier preparations, she was still extremely tight. He had to fight to fit his girth all the way into her. After he was completely sheathed balls deep, he looked down and saw that she had closed her eyes.


He interrupted her soft panting moans when he whispered in her ear. “Open your eyes, little one. I want you to watch with your eyes wide open. Do you understand?’

She nodded as he began to slowly thrust into her. He began trembling with suppressed desire to slam into her. How he wanted to roughly thrust and pound her! But no…he couldn’t take her like that her first time. However, he didn’t think he would last much longer. He had been near bloodlust since he stood on her porch and after eating her pussy and ass and tasting her sweet blood, he found himself crazed with passion, on the brink of insanity. He snarled as he continued to fight his body, thrusting forcefully into her while still restraining himself. He was on a precarious edge, teetering between man and beast.

He moved his hands up her body, traveling up her arms to where once again he held her hands over her head. He was getting close and his body tremors became more pronounced as he bent over her, fighting to keep himself from completely ravishing her. He had never had such a reaction to a woman, never come this close to losing complete control. What was wrong with him? What was it about this tiny woman that gave her so much power over him?

He captured her gaze as he sent his strongest glamour into her yet. He had lied to himself. He would take away her free will because he realized he was now addicted to her blood and her body. He could never let her go. He would not suffer another to have her. Anyone who touched or even came sniffing around her was dead…

He held her eyes prisoner as he groaned, “You are mine, now little Sookie. MINE! I am your master!” He punctuated each word with thrusts as she gasped and stared back helplessly while he took her, her mouth opened in pained ecstasy while he roared his climax. As he came, he reared his head back and then descended faster than lightning on her neck.


She screamed as he struck, climaxing to the point of blacking out. He moaned as he continued to draw deeply as the aftershocks of his orgasm continued to cause his ass to clench and unclench while he finished emptying his seed deep within her.

After he gained some semblance of control, he reluctantly pulled back and bit into his tongue, at first intending to lave and heal her bite with his ancient blood. He paused. He decided he wanted her to wear his mark. He wanted Compton to see it. He smiled and instead shoved his tongue deep into her mouth, continuing to open and reopen the wounds on his tongue so that his essence would pour into her. After the sixth bite, he began to feel a strong bond with her. Satisfied, he pulled out of her, although his cock was still hard and ready to go.

As much as he wanted to plunge back inside of her, he restrained himself. No, there would be countless nights ahead of them to take her in every conceivable way. He would delight in tutoring her, in perverting her, in introducing her to bondage and sadomasochism. She would be his passionate submissive, catering to his every sexual whim and he would make sure that she loved it, craved it, as much as he craved mastering her. She would be his…belonging to him for eternity.

He smiled, his beast partly sated, while he watched her sleeping. After a few minutes, she blinked and stared up at him. He could feel the blush rushing to her face.

“Goodness! I can’t believe I passed out like that!” She shook her head and groaned. “Bill is never going to forgive me.”

Eric frowned when she mentioned Bill’s name. “I told you could return to him if you wished.” And if she did, Bill would meet the final death immediately.

She leaned up on one arm and smirked. She then winked slyly at him.

He gave her a questioning look as she started giggling to the point of tears. “Oh, Eric! Forgive me! I’m just pulling your leg about Bill! I have no intention of “returning” to that sleazeball.”

Eric’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “What?”

Sookie smirked as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “I’ve been setting him up the whole time.”

Eric’s mouth opened in shock. It had been many, many years that Eric had been rendered speechless. He shook his head and motioned his hand for her to explain.

“My great grandfather is Niall Brigant.”

Eric bolted up, as if a cattle prod had touched his balls. Sookie continue to smile knowingly while she leaned against the headboard.

Fucking fae! Her elusive scent and taste made sense now, as did her amazing sexual responsiveness. Fae were notorious for their sexual appetites, which rivaled that of vampire. Despite his glamour, he had been amazed that a virgin would be so…open minded…

He narrowed his eyes and shook his finger at her. “Why you little…Wicked little fairy! You tricked me!”

“Ha!” she scoffed. “Says the one who “glamoured” me into doing all kinds of deliciously nasty things with him.”

His mouth hung open again. She was resistant to glamour. Oh shit…

She chuckled. “Look.  After Gran died, Grandpa and my cousin Claudine came to me and explained all about my fae heritage. Grandpa warned me about that asshole Bill the day before I met him. Told me the Queen of Louisiana had sent a vamp to “procure” me for my telepathy and that he’d try to lure and seduce me.”

Eric winced. “Telepathy?”

“Yep. I’m a telepath but don’t worry, I can’t read vampires minds. So anyway, the night I met him, he allowed himself to get “trapped” by some drainers, trying to lure me to help him, blah blah blah. Well, I told Sam, my boss about it and he called Andy, and so the whole incident became a police matter. The drainers ended up in jail, by the way. Grandpa also told me Jason was going to get himself in trouble but you’d be the one to help him.”

She smiled proudly but then frowned when she took in the glazed look in Eric’s eyes. She waved her hand back and forth in front of his face. When he didn’t respond, she bent down and licked the head of his cock. That got his attention.

“A fucking fairy telepath.” He stared at her in amazement.

She nodded.

“Who’s immune to glamour.”

“You bet.”

“So everything you did tonight, you did completely willingly.”

“Sure did.”

He slapped a hand over his eyes while she continued to chuckle.

“You brought Compton to me.”

“Uh yeah, I served him up to you.”

“You pretended to be coy and innocent.”

“My cousin Claudine explained that you vampires are hunters, and you especially enjoyed the conquest because you’re a Viking. That I needed to play a little hard to get to, um, whet your appetite so to speak.”

“But…you were a virgin.”

“Yes. Never could really date, you know, with the telepathy thing ruining it for me.”

He uncovered his eyes and gave her a level stare. “So you heard me when I told you I was going to be your master. You were aware when-“

She leaned over and put her fingers over his lips. “Yes. I heard that. And I want it. I want it bad. It…I can’t help it. It turns me on like nothing else ever could. My Fae family told me to trust you, Grandfather said that you’d be the one to protect me.  And I…Claudine gifted me to see our future together in a dream. We’re meant to be together, really good together, and…and happy.”

She bent down and softly kissed his lips. “I want to be yours,” kiss, “for you to own me,” kiss, “to guide me,” kiss, “to train me,” kiss with lip nip,” to protect me,” kiss with slip of tongue, “to…love me.” She sat up and grinned at him with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“I give myself to you willingly, to do with as you please. But Eric…I have one condition. I’m a one man kinda girl. If I submit to you as my master I have to have you to myself. I can’t completely trust you and give myself over to you if you continue to take other women.”

He stared and nodded in amazement. “Done. You needn’t worry. You…have already ruined me. I have never felt this way about a woman. I am already seemingly…addicted and can’t stomach the thought of another woman’s blood or body after having you, my little temptress. And I will kill any other man who touches you.” His eyes glowed menacingly as he made his pronouncement but then his voice softened.

“You see, little Sookie, the master is in actuality the slave.”

She bent down and gave him a deep kiss, puncturing her tongue purposefully so that she flooded his mouth with her blood. She continued kissing him for some time before she sat up and slowly licked her lips with a smile on her face.

“Holy shit,” he whispered.

She laughed as she straddled him and lowered herself onto his engorged cock.

They spent the whole night fucking and exploring together, and he only left at dawn to go to ground inside the “secret” hideaway inside Compton’s house (which was so fucking obvious it was laughable).

He had a satisfied smile on his face when he died for the day, as he had every intention of visiting his naughty fairy as soon as he awoke…


AN: I know, Sookie is seriously OOC in this story, but I kind of enjoyed the twist at the end…

28 comments on “One-Shot: Regarde Moi Toujours Comme Ca

  1. saldred75 says:

    i like it. I love that sookie tricked bill while playing eric, nice! please continue

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      I’m glad you liked it! This may be one that I continue…it seems too fun to just let it stop at one chapter…thanks for the feedback!

  2. 888spike says:

    OMG! That was awesome. I LOVED the twist with Sookie. I’m just glad I called in sick today and read this at home…jeepers that was hot.

    You CAN NOT leave it there! Sookie’s dream has them together and very very happy – I want to read that! Besides….there is still Bill to deal with (always fun) – and the Queen…and lots more hot monkey sex between these two. Please….more more more

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      Ha! Called in sick and read this, eh? tee hee..Yeah, this one seems to be begging for a continuation, doesn’t it? Stay tuned-this one seems like it could write itself…

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    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      Hmm, her training him. I like that idea! I probably will continue with this little tale, but I suspect it will primarily be a gratuitous lemon cream pie with only the barest of plots…

  6. FANTASTIC – loved it. Could be continued IMO

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      So glad you enjoyed. ; ) I’m thinking this one may be continued-it’s just too fun to leave as is…

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      Yes, Sookie is very feisty in this story. I may come back to it at some point-glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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      Congrats to you as well on all of your nominations. : )

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      I couldn’t resist Sookie turning the tables on Eric at the end…and of course he’d love it, the naughty boy!
      Glad you enjoyed…there’s more where that came from, trust me. ;b

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    So.. Here I was adding stories from the You Want Blood Awards to my database for recs on MY page, and I had to read this. And I loved it!!!!!!!! Especially the twist at the end!!! So perfect!! Thanks!

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