Never Walk Alone Chapter 11

Chapter 11

AN: Warning: slice of lemon meringue pie ahead. If this offends you or you disagree with the plot direction, this may be a chapter you want to skip…but I wouldn’t if I were you. ; )

Loads of thanks to my amazing beta, VAlady, whose Jedi-like insights never cease to amaze…

Disclaimer: SVM belongs to Charlaine Harris.

As Eric emerged from his parked car, he cursed to himself and looked wistfully across the cemetery. He had initially planned on sneaking back in her house while she slept, but now he struggled with his decision. If she were to wake and become aware of his presence, it would anger her and undo all of the headway he made tonight. He needed to exercise patience when it came to the little fae hybrid, but it was difficult! His cock and fangs ached to sink into her, and his hunger was beginning to rise.

He pondered the situation. He decided to content himself by watching her from outside her window. He could foresee no harm in it, since she wouldn’t be aware of his presence.

He took to the sky and circled her property, searching for signs of the fucking shifter, making sure that he was not skulking around. After assuring himself that he was indeed alone, he flew to the tree he had perched on the previous night. He sat on a thick branch that supported his frame in relative comfort. As he stared at her room, he could make out her outline behind the curtains. He could also hear her humming to herself. She sounded happy, which made him smile.

He continued watching while she pulled back her curtains and raised the window, expectantly scanning the tree line. She was wearing a thin cotton tank and tiny shorts, both of which accentuated her voluptuous body. He licked his lips as he ravished her with his eyes. With relish, he observed the disappointed expression on her face before she turned and cut off her bedside lamp.
He waited until he could hear her regular breathing, signaling that she had fallen asleep. He flew to her window and hovered, watching her in her peaceful repose, her hair spread out in a golden halo around her head.

He admired her beauty for several minutes before he reluctantly decided to return to his house to inspect the progress on his renovations. As he was about to turn away, he heard Sookie moan softly.

What he saw made his fangs descend, as quickly as a switchblade, so that he inadvertently nicked the inside of his mouth. He ran his tongue over the already healed wounds and swallowed the beads of blood.

Sookie had tossed the covers off as she writhed in the bed. He had a clear view of her body as she dipped her hand into her shorts and began rubbing herself.

He continued watching with rapt attention. Suddenly, she moaned his name. She was dreaming about him! He could not even allow himself to gloat…he was too painfully aroused watching the object of his obsession pleasuring herself, likely as she fucked his dream alter ago.

He couldn’t help himself any longer. He floated in the window, moving to kneel by her bed, much as he did that first night he visited her.

Her hand began to move faster and her moans became louder while she brought herself to orgasm. He was so focused on her body that he initially did not notice when she opened her eyes and gazed straight at him.

She shot up in bed and pulled the sheet up to her chest as she pointed at him.
“Shit! Oh my God, Eric! I can’t believe you did it again!” She slunk down and covered her face with the sheet.

Eric pulled the sheet away from her face. Her eyes were clenched shut. The grimace on her face said it all: she was obviously mortified that he had witnessed her masturbate. Again.

He had to act quickly before her temper turned on him.

“Sookie! Please look at me! I wasn’t trying to spy on you for that reason! I was merely checking on you before I returned to my property. I wanted to make sure you were safe and that that damned shifter was not spying on you. It was accidental that I observed you acting out your dream…I heard you moan and call out my name and I had to check to make sure you were okay.”

He hoped that she bought his little white lie. She opened her eyes and gazed at him with embarrassment and suspicion.

“I was calling out your name, huh? And you just happened to be checking in on me at the same time?” She shook her head and sighed, sinking back heavily into the pillow.

He nodded his head but didn’t answer her, waiting to see how the precarious situation would unfold.

She continued staring at him with narrowed eyes. “You know, it’s not fair. You’ve seen me…get off, twice now. Not fair at all,” she huffed. “I could just…I ought to rescind your invitation right now. It would serve you right.” She continued to fume as she bit out, “I will get even with you for this!”

He paused for several seconds, pondering her words. Sookie watched him as the wheels were turning rapidly in his head. He seemed to come to some sort of a conclusion as he nodded at her. She stared at him, questioning him with her eyes.

He stood up and pulled his shirt out of his pants and began unbuttoning it.

Sookie’s eyes widened in shock.


Eric pulled off his shirt as he walked over to a chair in the corner of the room, across from her bed. He draped it over the back of the chair and turned back to her. He smirked to himself when he caught her ogling his ass. Making sure she was watching him, he trailed his hand down the line of dark blonde hair that ran from his sternum to his groin. With deliberate ease, he popped open the top button on his pants and slowly pulled the zipper down.


Sookie gulped and whispered, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”


He sat down. He paused for a moment as he let his erection spring free from his pants. He heard her sharp intake of breath as he began stroking his cock.

He answered her, his voice low and hoarse. “You are right. It is not fair that I have beheld your self-pleasure without your knowledge on two occasions. So, now I am allowing you to “get even” with me.”

Sookie’s mouth dried up as her heart began hammering uncontrollably. To his delight, he saw that her eyes were glued on his cock.

She noticed that his fangs had completely descended as he began pumping himself faster. Seeing his thick cock in his fist was beyond erotic. She felt herself caught up in dream-like fascination while she watched the beautiful vampire pleasure himself.

She sat up and slowly crawled to the edge of the bed, where she stopped and kneeled in front of him.

They stared at each other for several seconds. He grinned lasciviously as he ordered, “Take off your shirt, Sookie. Let me see those luscious breasts. I promise I won’t touch them unless you ask me too.”

She shook her head in refusal, but seemed unsure of herself. “Remember, this is me getting even with you. You’ve seen me before and this is my turn,” she whispered.

“Please.” The smile melted from his face as he pled with her.

She found the longing in his voice to be incredibly arousing…and empowering. This man lusted after her, wanted her, was even begging for her.

Enthralled, she lost all self-consciousness. She slowly obeyed him, peeling the camisole from her sweat-slicked body.

Eric’s eyes zeroed in on her large, up-thrust breasts. He licked his lips as he gazed at her nipples, which were pink, erect, and standing out in contrast to her tan-lines.

Eric began stroking himself faster while cursing under his breath. How he wanted to throw her back on the bed and bury his face between her legs! But no, he would take her direction. Only at her request would he make a move. He did not want her to regret anything and hold it against him later.

He noticed that she was panting and trembling, frozen motionless as she watched him jack off.

“Please touch yourself, Sookie.” His gaze raked unapologetically over her entire body with a predatory calm.

Sookie blushed and looked down, but then bit her lip and gazed up at him while tentatively moving her hands over her breasts.

Eric groaned and continued stroking himself.

She noticed that he was uncircumcised. The foreskin was pulled back, revealing the swollen head of his enormous cock. Several drops of cum had leaked out and he took advantage by rubbing it up and down the shaft as lubricant.

“Fuck! I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you. You have no idea how much I hunger for you, crave you…” Eric meant every word he said but words inadequate to convey just how intensely he burned for her.

Sookie gaped at him. She couldn’t believe that this gorgeous, powerful, and immortal man was humbling himself before her.

She whispered to him, “Eric…what I said earlier at dinner…well, I meant it. I want you to bite me, to feed only from me. I don’t want you to feed from other women. I can’t stand the thought of you with someone else. It drives me crazy.”

Eric flashed in front of her, making her gasp in surprise. He dropped to his knees and whispered, “Are you sure, Sookie? I don’t want you to regret this later or feel that I took advantage of you.”

She answered him in a soft voice while removing the band from his ponytail and gently combing her fingers through the silky strands. “I have to admit, this doesn’t seem real. It feels like a dream, but I want you so bad. I…I’ve never been with a man before and I still don’t think I’m quite ready to go there yet, but I do, I want you to drink from me. I don’t want you to do that with other women.”

Sookie felt a thrill of arousal as she heard a low rumbling growl coming from his chest. She stared in awe at his luminescent eyes, which glowed eerily in the dark room.

“I do not want other women. I want you. Only Sookie.”

He bent down and ran his lips and tongue over her nipples, gently teasing them. He then slowly made his way up her body, coaxing chill bumps along her flesh as he went. Finally, he reached his intended destination, nuzzling her neck before licking and nipping the pulse point. Sookie moaned and reached out, grabbing his massive shoulders for balance. He held on to her waist with one hand while continuing to stroke himself.

He gave her one final chance to back out, to change her mind.

“Are you sure about this?”

In a barely audible whisper, she gave her answer. “Yes.”
He struck like lightning, sinking his fangs deep into her neck. They both moaned loudly as he drew in mouthfuls of her blood. His head swam as the potency of her fae-laced nectar clouded his senses.

He began to thrust into his hand in time to his gulps, quickly pumping his cock in and out of his fist. Sookie whimpered and reached back into her shorts, slipping her fingers into her drenched pussy.

He grabbed her hand and withdrew his fangs briefly as he whispered, “No. Let me.”

She froze, hesitant to respond.

He put his lips to her ear and breathed, “Can I touch you? All over?”

After several seconds, she finally nodded her assent. He wasted no time shoving her shorts down and off her legs. Quickly, as if afraid she would change her mind, he began massaging her clit, all the while continuing to stroke himself.

Sookie trembled as she clutched him, helpless to stop the overwhelming pleasure, which was much more intense than when she had touched herself.

The combination of her sweet blood and wet pussy was rapidly pushing Eric over the edge. Drawing deeply one last time from her neck, his strokes became erratic and rough. He threw back his head and groaned loudly as he shot thick jets of semen on her abdomen and thighs.

Even while he came, he didn’t miss a beat and continued to relentlessly work her pussy, slipping one finger in her tight hole while expertly pressing his thumb into her clit. Sookie found her release right after he did, crying out and shuddering uncontrollably. Afterwards, she slumped heavily against him.

He pulled his head back slightly and gazed down at her neck. He noticed that in his excitement and near frenzied state, he had created larger wounds than he had intended. He sucked her cum off his fingers before cutting his tongue with his fangs. He laved her neck, infusing a substantial amount of his ancient blood into her.

Eric’s beast was gleefully triumphant and sated at the moment, reveling in the partial conquest of his woman. He had pleasured her, drank down her sweetness, and injected more of his blood into her, which tied her even closer to him.

They remained kneeling, locked in each other’s embrace for some time until he laid her back gently on the bed. He flashed in and out of the bathroom and used a moistened washcloth to gently clean his cum off her body. He then used it to wipe himself while she quickly reached over and put her pajamas back on. While she dressed, Eric had zipped up his pants though he remained shirtless.

They stood staring at each other, neither one breaking the silence.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Sookie spoke.

“Can you…will you stay and hold me? I…don’t want you to leave yet.”

Eric silently removed his socks and shoes. He then climbed into the bed and laid back while smiling at her.

“Of course, lover. Come.” He held out a hand to her.

Sookie grinned bashfully and reached for him. She lay on her side so that her front was cradled against his chest. She nestled her face into his shoulder, taking a deep breath as she blissfully reveled in his masculine scent. He pulled the sheet over them both and kissed her neck, where he had bitten her.

She murmured, “Don’t leave, please.”

He kissed her head as he whispered, “I will stay until dawn, my Sookie.”
“Good.” She was silent for a few seconds before she spoke again, this time her voice heavy with sleep. “I’m still mad at you, you know.”

He laughed softly and kissed her again. “No, you’re not. You’re even with me now, remember?”

She nodded her head and for the first time in a very long time, fell into a happy, perfectly contented sleep.

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  1. Mindy says:

    Loved this chapter, loved it. Damn it got hot in here. Fantastic.

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    Really loved the way you wrote this scene, at least Sookie stopped pushing Eric away for once. God that girl makes me mad sometimes the way she goes on! I really like this Eric, love him strong and all masculine! More please. xx

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