Never Walk Alone Chapter 02

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Southern Vampire Mysteries characters belong to Charlaine Harris.

AN: Well, I was surprised by all of the positive responses and requests to continue…so, you talked me into it! Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, and I want to let you know I read each and every review or PM, and often get ideas or inspiration for the stories from your feedback. For example, I wanted to give a shout out to VAlady for her ideas about Sookie’s dreams. Unlike my other fanfic I am working on right now (“The List” beta’d by the fabulous Lady Doughnuts), I don’t have a well thought out plot for this story, which is basically writing itself at this point…so I am not sure how many chapters it will be. I’m having fun writing it, though!

I know it goes without saying, but please keep in mind, this is fiction, so while a pervy stalker Eric is deliciously filthy and fun, in real life someone who would do this needs to have the police called on them (I used to work in the criminal justice field and actually called the cops one time when I had a peeping Tom, who scared me to death when I caught him jacking off while looking in my bedroom window. True story, swear to God!).

Sookie stretched and luxuriated in bed, enjoying the way the sunrays penetrated the room with a warm golden glow. She rolled over and looked outside at the brilliant azure sky and smiled a genuine smile for the first time in over a month. She felt rested and relaxed…and somehow, strangely energized. She was surprised, since she had been battling fatigue for the past month, but she didn’t question it.

As she lazed, she vaguely recalled the ghost of a dream the night before. As she chased her memory for the details of the dream, she could only hazily recollect seeing Gran walking away from her as a man approached. She could not remember details, but seemed to recall he was tall and muscular, his features cloaked in shadows. She suddenly had the image of the man she thought she saw flying the other night. She blushed, embarrassed that her loneliness and penchant for reading romance novels was taking over her subconscious. Indeed, she noticed she was feeling a bit more…pent up than usual. She sighed and suppressed her arousal, deciding it was time to start the day.


She went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She looked…refreshed and vibrant (she giggled at her mental description). Her skin looked clearer. And did her hair look a bit shinier and thicker? Huh.

She shrugged and started the shower while she brushed her teeth. After rinsing out her toothbrush, she began slipping out of her nightie. As she pulled the top down, she noticed a small red dot on the bodice. She took it off and held it up, inspecting it closely. It was a drop of blood, she was sure of it. She looked in the mirror again and did not see anything but pristine skin. Well, maybe a bug bit her or something while she slept although, there was no telltale welt or discoloration on her neck or chest. Lord knows enough creepy crawlies found their way in on a regular basis given the age of the house. She put the gown in the sink, running cold water over the mark to avoid staining.

After her shower, she put her nightgown in the washer and went into the kitchen for coffee and a light breakfast. As she sipped her coffee, she called Terry to thank him and ask about her key. He was adamant that he left it under the mat and seemed somewhat offended that she was questioning him. She reassured him the best she could before hastily getting off the phone, telling him she must have missed it and that she would look again.

Well, it looked like she needed to make another duplicate key to replace the missing one. She briefly thought about changing the locks, but thought it overkill. Surely it must have fallen between the slats on the porch?

After washing up her breakfast dishes, she got into her battered Honda and drove to Walmart. She needed to pick up a few things anyways, staples like milk and bread, as well as more frozen dinners, fruit, fresh vegetables, and deli turkey. She didn’t need to buy much food now that Gran was gone. She started to tear up again but made a herculean effort to suppress the grief. Not only did she feel better physically, she was also feeling a little stronger emotionally. Although still deeply grieving, her heart felt somewhat lighter and her chest didn’t feel quite as tight. She fought to maintain her composure, and knew Gran would be proud of her efforts.

After getting her extra key cut, she grabbed the last of the food and toiletries (razors, floss, etc.) and headed over to the women’s clearance rack to browse. She felt like treating herself to something new, and as she browsed found a cute light blue floral halter-top sundress, and the price was definitely right (12.99 marked down from 24.99!). It was the only one in her size, and so she felt a small surge of triumph as she placed in the cart.

As she made her way to the checkout line, she saw Selah Pumphrey ahead of her, talking on her cell phone. She was bragging about selling the old Compton house, proud of the commission she made on the sale.

Courtney-Ford1“Yes, I couldn’t believe anyone would really want it, to be honest with you. It was in deplorable condition. Mmm, sad, really. No, a businessman out of Shreveport bought it. His assistant handled most of the negotiation, and I only met him once several nights ago. He was absolutely gorgeous! I mean, like movie star gorgeous. And tall and well-built too, you should see his…” Selah turned briefly and gave Sookie a dismissive glance. “Well, anyway, I better go. I’ll call you later. Bye now.” She dug into her designer purse and paid for her purchases with her credit card before clicking on her expensive heels towards the exit.

Sookie had heard Selah’s thoughts while she was talking, and the woman was thinking about asking a “Mr. Northman” out for dinner to celebrate the closing of the house and how she was confident he would jump at the chance to be with her. Sookie snorted to herself. Selah did not have poor self-esteem, that was for sure. She had also heard her thinking that Sookie was a chubby, uneducated hick before ending her call. What a bitch…

Sookie paid for her purchases and loaded the bags into the car. As she was about to open the driver’s side, a flash of color caught her eye. A lavender rose was placed under her windshield wiper. She looked around, but only saw empty vehicles and an elderly couple and a mother with a toddler on her hip walking towards the entrance. She carefully pulled the rose to her nose, deeply inhaling the fragrance. Puzzled, she placed the rose on the passenger seat as she headed back home to get ready for her double-shift.

At sunset, Eric emerged from his makeshift grave in the woods, brushing the dirt from his hair and face. He flew to his property and showered quickly, changing into a pair of faded jeans and black t-shirt. Bobby had forgotten to bring a change in footwear (he would have to answer for that!), and so had to put his heavy motorcycle boots back on his feet. He slicked his long damp hair back and secured it at his neck with a black hair tie he found in a drawer in the bathroom. He had ordered Bobby to stock the master bath and bedroom with some of his basic necessities since he had found…other reasons to stay in the vicinity.

He floated down the stairs and headed to the kitchen and plucked a white rose from the vase of multi-colored flowers Bobby was instructed to procure. His day man was to have placed the purple rose (signifying love at first sight) under her car’s windshield wiper at some point during the day when Sookie was otherwise occupied. He had texted Eric that he had followed her to the Walmart, which was when he had the opportunity to leave the flower unobserved. The white rose signified purity and innocence (but not for long, Eric thought with a wicked grin).

He had a consuming desire to see his new obsession. While he had briefly felt a compulsion to drain her completely last night (he found himself getting hard thinking about the taste of her blood), he was thankful he did not. He intended to keep her! But, he admitted to himself, he had to rely on his many centuries of experience and self-control to stop when he did. A younger vampire would not have had the restraint.

He flew with the rose towards the back of Sookie’s house, staying in the shadows of the trees, just out of reach of the motion light’s sensors. He was displeased. Her car was missing and he could tell she had not been at her house for several hours given the weakness of her scent around the house. Based on Bobby’s report, he knew the girl waitressed at a grease pit a few miles away. He was aware that a supe owned the bar and was aggravated that he had caught a shifter’s scent around her property. He deduced it was likely her boss that had visited her home. That was unacceptable. No male, no would-be suitor was to ever come near her house again. He would see to it.

He shot up, faster than a bullet into the air, heading towards the bar. He landed on the edge of the shitty gravel parking lot, underneath the trees. He could easily see into the bar through the large windows lining the front side of the establishment. He zeroed in on her form immediately. She had her hair up in a high ponytail that trailed down her back and was wearing tiny black shorts and a tight white t-shirt that accentuated her ample breasts. While he appreciated the view, he had a blinding surge of jealousy, knowing that all the males would be ogling his woman. His reaction surprised him. While he had always been an extremely territorial man, he could not recall ever responding to a woman in such a way, not even towards his wife when he was a human over a millennium ago.

He decided to wait and follow her back home, not yet ready to reveal himself to her, especially in such a public setting. He walked to the back of the bar, to the employee parking area, and found her old car. He frowned as he placed the rose under the wiper. The car was a rattletrap, ready for the scrapheap. His woman should not be driving such a vehicle, as it was obviously not safe or reliable, and not befitting her new station in life.

He sunk back into the shadows and quietly left a voicemail for Bobby, instructing him to purchase a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, preferably in white or silver. He was to purchase the vehicle fully loaded and modified from the standard 5-speed to automatic transmission. He directed him to a New Orleans dealer who he had purchased from in the past, indicating it was to be put in Ms. Stackhouse’s name and delivered to her property as soon as possible. Satisfied, he replaced the phone back in his pocket and waited.

After the bar closed, Sookie helped clean up and prep for the morning shift. As she called her goodbyes while walking out the back door, she immediately saw the rose under her windshield wiper, the white petals almost glowing in the moonlight. Smiling to herself, she pulled it out and walked back into the bar holding the rose up to her face.

She walked into Sam’s office, where he was tallying up the day’s profits.

“Sam, it’s a really sweet gesture, and I appreciate it, but you don’t have to keep leaving me the roses to cheer me up. Really, I’m actually starting to feel a little better.”

He looked up, surprised. He saw the rose she was holding and his nostrils flared when he caught the underlying scent clinging to the flower. Vampire!


Sam narrowed his eyes. “Sookie, I didn’t leave any roses. Where did you find that?”

Sookie was taken aback. She could tell that Sam was telling the truth by both his demeanor and his thoughts, which while snarled and often difficult to gauge, was coming through clearly given his strong emotional reaction.

fa8846d498c911e0908712313b10052d_small       sam_trammell_true_blood_photo_by_john_p_johnson_hbo_460

“Huh. Well, I guess I’ve got myself a secret admirer. Maybe it’s a customer? It’s flattering but a little creepy, especially since I found the first one this morning on my car while I was shopping at Walmart.”

That confused Sam. How could a vampire leave her a rose in broad daylight? He began to feel very worried (and jealous, if he was honest with himself). He stood and walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Cher, please be careful. This guy could be frigging dangerous…a killer even.” He gulped, knowing damn well what efficient killing machines vampires were. It was painfully obvious that Sookie had caught one’s eye, which wasn’t surprising given her beauty and sweet scent.

Sookie nodded seriously. “Yeah, Sam, I thought about that. I promise I’ll be careful. Whoever it is knows what I’m doing and where I work, so it looks like I have a romantic stalker interested in me, huh?” She laughed weakly.

Sam didn’t smile. “Look cher, why don’t I follow you home? Make sure you get there safe and all?”

Sookie shook her head. “No thanks. I’ll be okay. It’s probably a harmless crush…You can’t guard me 24/7 anyway and I promise I’ll go straight home and run in the house. Besides, it looks like I have a new neighbor now since someone bought the old Compton house. If anything happens, I can always run over there if someone breaks into the house or something.”

Sam’s heart dropped into his stomach. Shit! He would bet his bar that a vampire had purchased the property, which would be ideal for a vamp looking for a secluded lair. He decided he would check it out later tonight. He would protect Sookie, who was especially vulnerable out there alone since Adele died.

Sookie looked at Sam, who she could tell was thinking a mile a minute, but she couldn’t get a good handle on the specific details of his thoughts (though she could tell he was upset, as they were particularly red and tangled). She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading back out to her car. Sam followed and waved as he she pulled out and drove away, vowing to watch over her.

As Sookie drove home, she kept checking her rearview mirrors, feeling as if someone was following her. She felt foolish, as it was obvious no one was trailing her since hers was the only car on the dark road.

She pulled around to the back of her house, a bit closer to the door than usual, and true to her word, she dashed up the steps and unlocked the door, quickly locking the deadbolt when she was inside.

She wanted to go visit Gran’s grave, but under the circumstances thought it better to keep her visits limited during daylight hours, at least until the identity of her secret admirer was revealed.

She headed to the kitchen and put the white rose in the slender bud vase that already held the lavender flower. She was surprised that her appetite seemed to have returned with a vengeance (she had had to force herself to eat for the past month). She made a turkey sandwich, which she devoured. She still felt hungry, and also grabbed a strawberry yogurt out of the fridge, which she also quickly consumed. Although not completely sated, she refused to eat anything else this late at night. While she knew she wasn’t fat, Selah’s disparaging thoughts about her weight had hurt her feelings, and so she didn’t want to gain back what few pounds she had lost since Gran’s funeral.

Heading up the stairs to her room, she hummed under her breath as she took the ponytail holder out of her hair and stripped out of her clothes, heading to the bathroom to get the shower started (she was a little leery of baths right now given what had happened the other night).

Once again, she was oblivious to Eric’s presence. He floated outside her window, watching her. He was brimming with anticipation and couldn’t wait to taste her again. However, he decided he would try to wait and refrain from drinking her tonight. He was enjoying the cat and mouse aspect to this little game, the predator in him thrilling to the chase. He was also intrigued about her dream the previous night and wanted to observe her sleeping again. While she went into the bathroom to shower, Eric tried to let himself in through her window, but found it locked. He smiled to himself, knowing he could just let himself in the house using the spare key he had pilfered from underneath the front door mat.

He flew to the front of the house and used the key to let himself in the front door. Eric floated silently and quickly up the stairs to her bedroom. She was still in the bathroom, blow-drying her hair by the sound of it, and so he took advantage of her distraction by slipping into her closet. He left the door cracked open slightly, which gave him a clear trajectory to her bed. When she stepped into her room, he nearly growled as he saw she was nude, her delicious body flushed from the hot shower and hair dryer.

Sookie rummaged in her dresser and found a simple yellow cotton cap sleeve nightgown that she pulled over her head. She was surprised to notice that she didn’t really feel all that tired. She went to her window and opened it halfway to let in some air (she hated that they had never been able to afford air conditioner units in the old house). She stepped over to her nightstand and cut on the small bedside lamp and then shut off the overhead light. She grabbed the current romance novel she was reading (which featured a large, broad-shouldered golden haired hero on the cover) and nestled on top of the bedcovers, since it was too hot to even pull up a sheet.

While reading the story, she became aroused at the description of the hero’s ravishment of the all too willing heroine. She realized it was melodramatic and clichéd, but she couldn’t help herself from getting worked up. To be honest, she had felt that way since this morning.

Sookie put her book down and cut off the table lamp. She pulled up her gown, caressing her breasts and tugging on her sensitive nipples. She spread her legs and reached down with one hand, moving her fingers over her mound, slipping two fingers onto her clit, which was hard and hot. She moaned as she pressed her fingers more firmly into herself, causing an amazing friction that began to quickly build in intensity. She moaned, and with her eyes shut, the vision of the man from her dreams popped in her head for some reason, which drove her over the edge.

As Sookie lay panting, she had no idea that the vampire in her closet had taken off his t-shirt and unzipped his pants as soon as he saw her raise her gown and spread her legs. It was torture for him, watching her finger her sweet wet pussy and pinch her pink nipples and not be able to touch her. He began stroking himself, quickly moving his hand up and down his thick shaft while he watched her writhe on the bed. He timed it so that he shot his cum into his shirt when she reached her peak. He was completely silent, but saw stars in his vision from the effort it took to suppress a groan. As he wiped himself off, he heard her sigh and turn over in bed. He continued to watch from the closet until her breathing became slow and even.

never walk 6

never walkSince he was confident she was now asleep, he knelt down by the edge of the bed. He immediately became hard again from her scent; the smell of her cum mixed with her blood running through her veins was too much. He couldn’t help himself…he needed to taste her again. He did not want to risk waking her if at all possible, and so decided to take the blood from her wrist instead of her neck or (his preference), thigh. She had one arm thrown over the edge of the bed, and so he bent down and licked the cum off her fingers before gently sinking his fangs into her wrist. She stirred and moaned, but didn’t wake as he greedily sucked several gulps of blood down his throat. He was incredibly aroused, his cock painfully erect and pressing uncomfortably inside his jeans.

Gods! This woman’s effect on him was unprecedented! He just did not react this way to other women. He withdrew his fangs and once again cut his tongue and laved the bite with his blood. He could feel himself more intimately connected with her from this exchange and smirked predatorily to himself.

He rose from where he was kneeling and tucked his balled up shirt into the waistband of his jeans. He gently sat on the edge of the bed, watching her for several minutes, musing. There was something different about her…something more than human, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He glanced at his watch and stood. He hated it, but he would have to leave early tonight, as he had several issues to attend to (many of which pertained to her).


The vampire was so focused on his thoughts and plans that he did not notice the owl that was perched on a tree near the bedroom was watching him intently as he slipped out the window. He also left before Sookie began dreaming and talking in her sleep again. And this time, she would remember her dream in the morning.

AN: Songs that inspired this story include “Never Walk Alone” by Megadeth, “Gonna Get Close To You” by Dalbello (which is the quintessential stalker song), “I Burn for You” by the Police, and “#1 Crush” by Garbage. All songs about obsessive love, in other words.



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    Eric is bad, so very bad. I wonder when they will ‘actually’ meet. Is it bad that I find stocker Eric sexy? Oh no, Sam saw Eric.

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