About me

I discovered the world of fan fiction in 2012 and started writing it in May 2013. Better late than never I suppose…

This blog exists SOLELY because of the creativity and generosity of my wonderful, fabulous French friend, naimademars. She is the primary reason this site looks as amazing as it does. Together, we have brainstormed about how to best illustrate my stories and she has put in countless hours scouring the Internet for the perfect visual representations. Many of the images were provided to her by AngieD, who generously helped her access the various gifs, tags, and photos on different social networks and also helped her learn how to manipulate/crop images:

http://mametupa.tumblr.com–  http://switchbladekiller.tumblr.com/  –  http://maggiesview.tumblr.com –
http://sikanapanele.tumblr.com  http://weheartit.com/

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, naimademars-not only for your hard work and brilliant mind, but for also being my friend. As I mentioned, this blog would have never been if it weren’t for you. xoxo ~alh1971~

Disclaimer: The fictional characters used in these fan fiction works belong to their respective owners (e.g., Charlaine Harris) and no copyright infringement is intended.

My stories are for an adult audience and many contain explicit lemons, so reader discretion is advised for those only over age 18. Thanks. ~alh1971~

10 comments on “About me

  1. 888spike says:

    Wow. So glad I found your blog. So much easier than reading on fictionpad! It’s a great alternative to fan fiction, but their update notification function needs work, hard to tell if new story or updated chapter. Confusing,

    Finding your blog makes me happy I’ll never miss any of your stories updating…and I won’t have to remember which chapter I read last. Win Win :-).
    Can’t wait for an update to TLVM. That’s my fave (although I love them all)

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      Hi, my dear! So glad you are enjoying this blog. Isn’t naimademars absolutely fabulous for creating it? It has been so much fun brainstorming with her and seeing her creative mind come up with the perfect photos and gifs for the stories. : )
      I have the next chapter of LVM sketched out in my mind-just a matter of finding the time to sit down and write it out-so stay tuned!

  2. saintsfan022010 says:

    Just wondering if you are planning to update any of these stories soon?

  3. Jackie69 says:

    I finally found your blog so I can get all the updates ..I love all your stories and I hope you will find the time to update “The List” and “Never walk alone”…Take care..

    • alh1971fanfiction says:

      I feel so damned bad about the List. It was my first fan fiction baby and I have been neglecting it! I have part of the next chapter sketched out which deals with Eric handling the aftermath of (double) regicide. I also left NWA at a very bad place, after Sam had Octavia hex poor Eric and Sookie.
      I apologize,I am working on chapters of the WIPs, but you know how life can be…at any rate, I hope you stay tuned, because I have not abandoned the stories!

  4. Natsgirl says:

    Love your stories. Glad I found this.

  5. jjbuffy2 says:

    kittyinez sent me here and I’m really glad she did, I’m enjoying your story she reviewed ❤

  6. cela says:

    I love your story “blood bound”, is that something that will ever be continued? it’s the best eric turns sookie story I have EVER read!

  7. ihootie says:

    i hope you comeback and finish some of your stories.

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